A Specialist automotive locksmith writes...A Specialist automotive locksmith writes...

"InstaCode is on your phone. Just saying that gives me a little excitement quiver.

InstaCode Live represents a massive shift for the mobile Locksmith. Our lives just got a whole lot easier. Being able to access codes while you are physically standing beside the lock is not only going to make our lives easier – it's going to alter the way we approach certain jobs.

Firstly, what IS InstaCode Live?
Well, basically it is the complete suite of InstaCode; key codes, vehicle opening methods, transponder information and much more – available to you on your phone or tablet device. There's also a fundamental change in the structure of the program. No more regular update sessions with a CD disc, the InstaCode Live app directly accesses the main servers.
This means that every time you use it, you are accessing the absolute latest available data!
And when vehicle manufacturers keep moving the goal posts as often as they do, this is great news for the Locksmith.

InstaCode Live is downloadable from the Google Play store and must be registered on a subscription basis. There are three alternatives for you to choose from, based on how much of the program you are wishing to access. These plans range from just $10/month for basic codes only, to $29.99/month for the fully loaded program with all currently available features activated.
A single subscription can be quickly and easily deactivated and moved to new device with very little effort.

The program itself functions much as the traditional PC version does. The layout is clear and easy to navigate. Extra features such as the super popular Wafer Swapper tool are accessed from sub menus. One nice thing for the Automotive Locksmiths is that the various Pin Code calculators required for programming keys into certain vehicles are all accessible from the title screen, without you having to actually enter the vehicle details. Very nice.

This tool is going to be most exciting for the Automotive Locksmith. Not only are we often needing to access code information from the side of the road, but having code calculation properties so readily available will open up new possibilities in the way we do many of our conventional tasks. Consider the simple task of picking the door lock. Lishi picks have completely dominated this aspect of the trade in recent times, with most tools actually decoding as you pick. Having trouble picking those last three wafers? With InstaCode Live installed on my Nexus 7 Tablet, I was able to enter the cuts for the lock WHILE I WAS PICKING THE LOCK. Before I was halfway through picking, InstaCode Live was able to correctly predict what the remaining cuts of my BMW lock were, making the final act of picking a simple matter of setting the Lishi tool to the correct heights.

InstaCode Live on your phone. It's pretty cool.
Check out the full details at"

Jeremy Phillips
Specialist Automotive Locksmith and InstaCode Fanboy
July 23, 2014.

An Android user writes...

Great great great! Instacode live is the best thing to happen to automobile locksmiths round the world, now I've got all the codes in my pocket, user interface is simple and intuitive, great design and smooth.

Adeiza Yusuf